Café Blinds Adelaide

Café Blinds Adelaide

Protect your Property with our Café Blinds in Adelaide

Protection from extreme weather elements and other conditions has never been easier than with Phantom Screens’ café blinds in Adelaide. Most homes and offices in Australia have outdoor spaces full of potential that are seldom utilised. However, Phantom Screens is here to change your outdoors. You can use our café blinds to create beautiful entertaining areas and outdoor rooms you can enjoy even in winter.

We manufacture every blind using top-quality aluminium extrusions that are powder coated in our premises’ Dulux Powder Coating range. As such, we assure you that you can get your preferred style of blinds in your favourite colour to match your outdoor décor. Phantom Screens is the leading premier provider of retractable screening, shading, outdoor blinds, and café blinds.

We pride ourselves on outstanding services, warranty and maintenance. We understand the Australian style, which is why we are the best company to provide you with café blinds. 

Largest Café Blinds in Adelaide

With a variety of café blinds available in Adelaide, you can extend your indoor area to include outdoor space. Our blinds will fit seamlessly with your lifestyle and reduce your energy bills because you will minimise your need for air conditioning. We also have a motorisation option available. Our Executive Motorised Screen is the largest motorised blind available globally. Our blinds can cover openings up to 12 metres wide and five metres high on a single screen, but this does depend on the system type, mesh type and application. 

Our Executive Motorised Blinds are almost invisible when retracted and can appear when required at the touch of a button. The café blinds are versatile in that they can fit most standards and oversized applications. They provide ventilation, shade from the sun, protection from wind, rain, pests and enhanced privacy. You can also install our café blinds on both the interior and exterior of your home. 

Café Blinds Adelaide
Café Blinds Adelaide

Contacting Phantom Screens for Café Blinds in Adelaide

Our café blinds in Adelaide are ideal for both commercial and household uses. Phantom Screens is a ground-breaking company that pioneered and revolutionised the retracted screens industry. We drew our innovation from European and North American technology however, the blinds have ultimately been designed to suit your home in Australia.

The café blinds come with several benefits. We know that people love to relax outdoors after a hard day at work. Our café blinds will allow you to enjoy a blissful evening with family and friends in your backyard. This style of blinds also provides complete building integration with components that you can recess into columns and ceiling cavities. With mesh choices ranging from insect control, solar shading and privacy, we back all our products with a lifetime limited warranty. 

Call us on 1800 630 050 to benefit from our café blinds in Adelaide. Phantom Screens can transform your indoor or outdoor space.

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