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Quality Outdoor Blinds in Adelaide

Our outdoor blinds in Adelaide allow you to create an outdoor living space perfect for entertaining all year round. Phantom Screens is the first company to provide retractable screens in Australia. Our products are manufactured using the highest-quality aluminium extrusions and powder coated in the Dulux Powder Coating range within our premises. Thanks to the chromate pre-treated procedure, our retractable screens are also the only marine approved products on the market.

We have drawn our technology from the proven European and North American technology and innovatively modelled it to fit the style of Australian homes. Since 1995, Phantom Screens has grown its reach and innovation to meet the ever-growing customer demands. We have improved the original Phantom screen and we now manufacture the Executive Motorised Screen for oversized applications. Our products are available in insect, shading and block out fabrics, which led us to introduce the Brio retractable product in 2012.

Largest Adelaide Dealer in Outdoor Blinds

Phantom Screens deliver a wide range of outdoor blinds in Adelaide, which offer the best home shade solutions, allowing you to relax and enjoy your home. Our Executive Motorised Screen is the largest motorised screen available globally. The screen can cover an extensive opening of up to 12 metres wide and five metres high on a single screen. The screen is available in both track and cable guided options. It is also almost invisible when retracted and appears at the touch of a button when required.

Our outdoor blinds are ideal for both commercial and residential construction projects. They also have a broad range of applications, including balconies, porches, verandas, alfresco areas and patios and windows. The outdoor screens can offer insect protection, solar shading and enhanced privacy. We are a ground-breaking company that has revolutionised the retractable screen market in Australia.

Outdoor Blinds Melbourne
Outdoor Blinds Melbourne

More About Our Outdoor Blinds in Adelaide

Our outdoor blinds in Adelaide come with a limited warranty of two years on installation, more than any competitor. The screens provide you with unmatched convenience since you can also operate and control them from anywhere using an app on your phone. You can also choose to purchase the option with sun and wind sensors. This option will put the blind up to protect your property from damage, and the sun sensor will put the blind down to protect your outdoor furniture.

Our outdoor blinds are an excellent way to regulate the temperature inside and outside your home while reducing energy usage. We can assist you in getting the best solution for your home. We understand that every home is unique and that is why we are here to offer you expert advice. You can also come and see our phantom screens manufacturers directly at 1 Gumbowie Avenue Edwardstown, SA. We are open for viewing every Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Call us on 1800 630 050 to discuss your new outdoor blinds in Adelaide. At Phantom Screens, we value style and functionality

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