Outdoor Blinds Brisbane

Outdoor Blinds Brisbane

The Best Outdoor Blinds for Brisbane Customers

We have all kinds of outdoor blinds in Brisbane to meet your needs. At Phantom Screens, we manufacture, supply and install your outdoor blinds. We provide professional services from the initial point of contact to completion and are the Southern Hemisphere’s premier provider of retractable screening, shading, outdoor blinds and café blinds. Our team prides itself on outstanding services, warranties and maintenance. 

Phantom Screens draws this innovation from proven European and North American technology. We creatively adapted this knowledge to suit Australian homes. This resulted in the first generation of the Phantom Screen. Over the years, we have improved this screen and we now have the Executive Motorised Screen for oversized applications. All our products are available in insect, shading and block out fabrics.

We have worked hard to build a network of distributors throughout Australia to bring our products to you. 

Professionally Made Outdoor Blinds in Brisbane

Our set of outdoor blinds in Brisbane can revitalise your outdoor space completely. You can now entertain your family and friends in your outdoor area all year round.

The Executive Motorised Screen is the largest in the world. This screen can cover a massive 12 metres in width and five metres in length for a single screen, depending on the mesh type, system and application. Our Executive Motorised Screen is available in track or cable guided options and it is almost invisible when retracted. In addition to this, when required, this screen can appear at the touch of a button.

Our outdoor blinds have a broad range of applications and they can also help reduce your energy bill. These designs are versatile and can fit most standard and oversized applications, providing ventilation, shade from the scorching sun and protection from pests. Our outdoor screens are ideal for openings like patios, balconies, windows and commercial applications. 

Outdoor Blinds Brisbane
Outdoor Blinds Brisbane

Benefits of Using Our Outdoor Blinds in Brisbane

Our outdoor blinds in Brisbane provide the functionality of a conventional screen and disappear when they’re not needed. These blinds increase access to natural ventilation and daylight. You will also benefit from the heat reduction and glare from direct sunlight and solar reflective structures. Our outdoor blinds also help in extending the life of your interior furniture by reducing UV relates fading. The blinds offer multiple finishing options, including custom colour matching. You can also integrate the blinds with components that can be recessed into columns and ceiling cavities.

Our motorised elements are compatible with a home automation system. This means that you can operate your blinds through an application on your phone and from anywhere. Some of these options additionally come with wind and sun sensors. The sensors will put the blind up to protect your home from damage when it is super windy. In terms of safety, the Motorised Blinds are first-class with a smart stop device, in case a person or chair is underneath the blinds.

Call our experts on 1800 630 050 for the best outdoor blinds in Brisbane. Phantom Screens has got you covered.

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