Outdoor Blinds Perth

Outdoor Blinds Perth

The Best Outdoor Blinds in Perth

As the leading manufacturers of retractable screening, shading and outdoor blinds in Perth, we offer a wide range of blinds to suit any home. All our blinds are custom made for your outdoor area. At Phantom Screens, we pride ourselves on outstanding services, warranties and maintenance. We are a ground-breaking company that has pioneered and revolutionised the market we serve. 

Phantom Screens draws this technology from proven European and North American technology and creatively adapts it to suit the Australian style. We manufacture all our products using top quality aluminium extrusions that are powder coated in the Dulux Powder Coating range within our premises. Our products are also chromate pre-treated, making the only marine approved screening and shading system on the market. Our outdoor blinds are ideal for both commercial and residential construction projects. Enjoy your outdoors while maintaining your privacy by getting one of our shading systems. 

Quality Outdoor Blinds in Perth

Our outdoor blinds in Perth gives you the freedom to enjoy the fresh air in your outdoor space all year round. You can also entertain your family and friends in style regardless of whether it is raining, windy or scorching hot. Our outdoor blinds include café blinds, alfresco and shade blinds. We also have the largest motorised blind in the world called the Executive Motorised Screen. Our blinds can cover openings up to a massive 12 metres wide and five metres high on a single screen.

The Executive Motorised Blinds are almost invisible when retracted and appear at the touch of a button when required. Depending on the mesh type you select, these outdoor blinds can also help you reduce your energy cost by lowering the amount of energy used to cool or heat the house. Our Executive Screens are versatile and will fit on most standard and oversized applications.

Outdoor Blinds Perth
Outdoor Blinds Perth

Why You Should Install Outdoor Blinds in Perth

Installing our outdoor blinds in Perth will help you keep the heat out and will extend your home’s liveability. By installing outdoor blinds, you prevent the sun from shining through the glass, which fades your furniture. Keeping the indoor temperature lower and the air cooler will prolong your furniture’s life while saving you air conditioning costs.

Outdoor blinds also stop any unwanted insects and debris from entering your outdoor sanctuary. The blinds also offer several finish options, including custom colour matching. They allow for complete building integration with components that can be recessed into columns and ceiling cavities. Our blinds also include motorised systems that are compatible with home automation systems. The Executive Motorised Screen used as outdoor blinds covers several application types like balconies, verandas, alfresco areas, windows and roman archways and commercial applications. 

Call our team at Phantom Screens today on 1800 630 050 for the best outdoor blinds in Perth.

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