Outdoor BlindGrant Burge  Winery Chose Phantom Screens For Their Outdoor Blinds

Why Motorised Outdoor Blinds?

Looking to maximize your patio’s visibility but minimize the glare of the harsh afternoon sun?

Feel too lazy to roll up the blinds every time guests come in?

Want to save on your energy costs?

Want to enjoy the outdoors without succumbing to insect bites?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, motorised outdoor blinds are what you need for your outdoor area. Phantom Screens, have the perfect solution in their Executive Motorised Outdoor Blinds range.

Motorised Executive Screens – Less Effort, Greater Visibility, The Utmost in Comfort!

Imagine having an alfresco set-up overlooking a vast expanse of a winery. Rolling the blinds up and down manually would be an exhausting exercise, especially if it needs to be done two or more times a day!

This is where motorised executive screens come in. These screens can cover an area as big as 8 metres wide x 5 metres high, in a single application. You can retract the screen when not needed and make it reappear like magic, with a single click.

Executive Motorised Blinds at Grant Burge Winery

For instance, executive screens installed along the western side of this function room in a 90% block allow guests to stay cool without being blinded by the sun, while still being able to admire the beautiful view of the vineyards.

Motorised Executive Screens at Grant Burge Winery, Barossa Valley, SA  Motorised Executive Screens at Grant Burge Winery, Barossa Valley, SA

                 Motorised Executive Screens at Grant Burge Winery, Barossa Valley, SA

Other Benefits

First of all, the executive screens provide insulation against sunlight and enhance natural ventilation in any outdoor area.

In addition, they lead to lesser use of energy for cooling or heating the house. Outdoor Blinds are also very effective in reducing energy usage. 

Finally, the mesh used in these screens can be customized to provide greater privacy and better protection from insects.

Executive Screen – Applications

The motorized Executive Screens are suitable for residential settings as much as commercial use. Furthermore, Phantom Executive Screens are suitable for use in balconies, porches, verandahs and patios as well as alfresco areas.

Most noteworthy is the fact that these screens can be custom fitted and professionally installed in your home in as little as one day!