Screen Doors Adelaide

Screen Doors Adelaide

Modern Screen Doors in Adelaide

Our screen doors in Adelaide provide the fiercest protection against insects and the harsh glare of the sun. Since 1995, Phantom Screens has grown to meet customer demand for its retractable screens, outdoor blinds and café blinds. We got inspiration from the proven European and North American technology and innovatively adapted it to fit the Australian style. This marked the first generation of Phantom screens. Our business has improved on the original screen and we now have the Executive Motorised Screen for oversized applications. 

Our products are available in insect, shading, blackout and Brio fabrics. However, we do not manufacture the Brio retractable screen. Over the years, we have created a network of exclusive distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our distributors are responsible for the sale, services, installation and market development. As such, you can get our retractable screens through our network of distributors in Australia. Retractable screens are popular among Australian homeowners and it is only wise that you are not left behind. 

Style Your Home with Our Screen Doors in Adelaide

Made from quality aluminium extrusions, our screen doors in Adelaide are available in a wide selection of colours that blend with the look of your home. Our screen doors are easy-to-operate, durable and fuse well with any architectural style. You can install them on either your existing home or a new build. You can also request a customised design to provide a solution for both your indoor and outdoor spaces. You can now get uninterrupted views and natural ventilation.

Our innovative designs and low-profile screen doors are a perfect addition to any residential or commercial door application. Our screen doors also come in several options, including latching and mesh options. The latching option is available in two designs; Professional and Legacy door screens. The Professional Door Screen uses a magnet strip from top to bottom, while the Legacy Door Screens have an integrated latch and release handle. 

Screen Doors Adelaide
Screen Doors Adelaide

Reasons to Choose our Screen Doors in Adelaide

Phantom Screens is dedicated to providing quality screen doors in Adelaide that will stand the test of time and offer you comfort in your home. We have innovative retractable creed door designs that are almost invisible when they retract. The screen doors are also versatile and can fit almost any application. Our screen doors are an excellent way to increase energy efficiency in your home. They provide an additional layer covering the front entrance that reduces air leaks and increases your home’s energy efficiency all year round. The screen doors also make your home more secure. Sliding the glass panel over the screen and locking the storm door provides another barrier between burglars and your property. If you want to add a little value to your home, add a screen door. Our team provide you with professional services and maintenance backed by our limited lifetime warranty. 

Visit us at 1 Gumbowie Avenue Edwardstown, SA 5039 or call us on 1800 630 050 for quality screen doors in Adelaide.

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