Outdoor Blinds Gold Coast

Outdoor Blinds Gold Coast

Outdoor Blinds In The Gold Coast; Complete Protection

Our outdoor blinds in the Gold Coast are perfect for enclosing your outdoor living area for privacy and sun protection. Phantom Screens has been in the industry for more than 20 years and has remained a family-owned business since its establishment.

We manufacture screen doors, outdoor blinds, and café blinds and have a network of retailers across Australia and New Zealand who ensure that our products reach our customers easily. Our retailers are responsible for the sale, installation, maintenance and market development of our products.

The Swaffer Family provided Australians with a better alternative to conventional insect screens. You can now add an outdoor blind without compromising your style, home design, and comfort. We were inspired by the proven European and North American technology, but we created a better solution to fit the Australian style. If you want to improve the functionality of your outdoor space, order one of our outdoor blinds. 

Expertly Made Outdoor Blinds In Gold Coast           

Phantom Screen’s outdoor blinds in the Gold Coast are an asset to your home. Besides protecting you from the direct sunlight glare, our outdoor blinds also reduce your energy consumption. They minimise the need to use your cooling and heating system in the house, making them an energy-efficient option.

Our outdoor blinds will also protect you from weather elements regardless of whether it is summer or winter. We also have the Executive Motorised Screen, which is the largest blind globally. This blind covers a massive 12 metres wide by 5 metres high in a single screen. The blind is invisible when retracted and appears at the touch of a button when required. Our executive screens are also designed for integration into large applications for retrofit or new construction projects. You can mount them on both the interior and exterior of homes and buildings. 

Outdoor Blinds Gold Coast
Outdoor Blinds Gold Coast

Transform Your Outdoor Living With Our Outdoor Blinds In Gold Coast

Our outdoor blinds in the Gold Coast are ideal for both commercial and residential construction projects. The executive screen used as outdoor blinds covers large application types, including balconies, alfresco areas, windows, and commercial applications. Our outdoor blinds come with several benefits. They block dust, wind, and insects while maintaining the view of your outdoor space. The blinds can also extend the life of your interior furniture by reducing UV related fading.

Our outdoor blinds allow for complete building integration with components recessed into columns and ceiling activities. The blinds are also compatible with home automated systems, allowing you to control them from your smartphone.

Phantom Screens offers a limited lifetime warranty on all products for your peace of mind. The warranty includes a two-year warranty on installation and a lifetime on the rest of the unit’s components. However, we do not offer a warranty on the mesh due to everyday wear and tear. 

Give us a call 1800 630 050 today to see how we can help transform your outdoor area with our quality outdoor blinds in Gold Coast.

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